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Biotikon –
Highest Quality through Highest Purity

turmeric root

Raw Materials

Curcuma powder

Pure Active Ingredient –
High Concentration

Curcuma tin with capsules

Hypoallergenic Production
Omitting the use of conventional lubricants such as the metal soap magnesium stearate ** means an expensive production procedure. A faster production time would require these omitted substances. The slower, meticulous production has the advantage of lower heat generation and thus the protection of the vital nutrients and a high bioavailability. Due to small batches, you will always receive fresh products (approximately 1 - 3 months after the capsule production). This ensures highest quality and intrinsic value.

Big capsule with curcuma powder

Pure encapsulation
Free of additives or preservatives in the capsule filling. Free of parting compounds, like the often used magnesium stearate**, which originally comes from the building industry. In this way we get extremly high purity.

No industrially produced silicic acid
(silicon dioxide) flow aid
Biotikon does not use silicon dioxide or silicic acid (SiO2, known as E551) as a flow aid. The foundation for product testing Stiftung Warentest states that those may contain nanoparticles. Silicic acid or silicon dioxide in dietary supplements has been discouraged. Bio Suisse has terminated approval of silica or silicon dioxide. Silica from horsetail is not to be confused with this industrially produced silica.

No Aluminum Contained
A large number of nutritional supplement providers use aluminum as a sealant for cans. During the sealing process an aluminum foil is strongly heated by a high frequency electromagnetic field. We deliberately do not use this method!
Quality marks
• Residue-Controlled
• Capsule Material: Hydroxy-Propyl-
  Methyl-Cellulose (Made from
  Plant Cellulose)
• Free from PreservativesOptimal Bioavailability
*     Does not apply to Krill Oil (fish gelatine), Omega 3 Premium und Omega 3 Premium PLUS
  by Dr. Alexander Michalzik M.D.
**   Does not apply to Green-lipped Mussel by Dr. Alexander Michalzik M.D.
*** Does not apply to Krill Oil (fish gelatine), Omega 3 Premium, Omega 3 Premium PLUS,
  Green-lipped Mussel and Joint Formula I by Dr. Alexander Michalzik M.D.

Your Biotikon® Advantages:

  • Made in Germany
  • Premium-quality extract
  • Capsule
    no additives*
  • Environmentally-friendly dispatch packaging
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  • with also on packing stations,
  • GB 3 - 5 days
  • DE 1 - 3 days
  • AT, CH, EU 3 - 5 days
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    from the trade association
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