Diseases of the skin therefore often indicate intestinal disorders or disorders of the intestinal flora.

Often, skin diseases are related to disorders within the body. A healthy skin can also be assisted with certain substances.

Individual products for oral ingestion and external use are employed.
First Aid NEW

Optimal, natural wound treatment

15,95 € 15 ml
(€ 1,06/ml)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs
Rejuvenation-Q10-Cream NEW

High-quality natural cosmetics. With patented hexagonal water. No emulsifiers, with high-quality Q10, tocotrienol and alpha lipoic acid. Now at an introductory price.

Promotion price: 59,90 €
79,90 € 50 ml
(€ 1,20/ml)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs
Aloe vera Pure Gel NEW

Aloe vera gel, 100% pure without preservatives or gelling agents. Absorbs rapidly into the skin. Made from fresh Aloe vera (no powder) with hexagonal water.

49,90 € 100 Capsules
(€ 0,50/Capsule)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs

With valuable ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, rose oil from the Damask Rose, aloe vera leaf extract and much more.

89,95 € 30 ml
(€ 3,00/ml)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs
Skin Cleanser protect NEW

Innovative combination of hexagonal water and colloidal silver, hand sanitiser for traveling.

19,90 € 50 ml
(€ 0,40/ml)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs
Frankincense Cream

High quality pure frankincense cream without emulsifiers or mineral oil. Made with hexagonal water for professional skin care.

49,90 € 100 ml
(€ 0,50/ml)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs
Hexagonal Water

Pure stabilised hexagonal water with 3.3% minerals. Patented process for stabilising the hexagonal structure.

39,90 € 100 Capsules
(€ 0,40/Capsule)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs
Vitamin B Complex

Contains important B vitamins: B2 (1,000%) B6 (1,000%), B12 (5,000%), folic acid (B9) (400%), and all other B vitamins in a high-quality biologically active form. Also contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalmin.

34,95 € 60 Capsules
(€ 89,64/100g; € 0,58/Capsule)
VAT plus manuf. Shipping costs
Vitamin C, buffered

The new generation of vitamin C, stomach acid resistant

24,95 € 120 Capsules
(€ 43,32/100g; € 0,21/Capsule)
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