... and is responsible for a variety of tasks and movements in the human body. There are three different types of muscle tissue.

The skeletal musculature provides, in the broadest sense, the movement of the body. It allows us to walk, speak and breathe. It also supports and holds the body permanently in the desired position.

In addition, there is the heart muscle which is very similar to skeletal musculature. It is unable to cramp up and works continuously. The third type is the so-called "smooth muscles" which for example, occur in the digestive tract and cannot be voluntarily contracted.

Smooth muscles consist of muscle fibers, the working part of the muscle (responsible for the contraction) and auxiliary tissue. Smooth muscles are surrounded by a fascia (connective tissue). In their function, there is always an active part (the constrictor) that contracts with energy expenditure. Opposite to this is the relaxation that takes place passively (without energy expenditure).

This can be explained with a simple example: If bending the extended arm, the biceps is the constrictor muscle, which bends the arm with the help of energy. The triceps, situated opposite the biceps, relaxes passively as the biceps contracts. If one stretches an arm, the process is inverted; the triceps becomes the constrictor muscle and actively stretches the arm. This system of opposition can be found for virtually every muscle in the body.

Strong, powerful muscles are essential for a healthy and fit body, in so far as they are responsible for every active movement of the body.

Physical activities and a healthy, balanced diet are the means to the goal. However, it is not easy for working people to maintain a healthy and adequate diet, as there is often a lack of time. The effort required is not only limited to the daily calorie intake, but also to supplying the necessary substances such as proteins, fatty acids and vitamins which make up a balanced diet. Dietary supplements can directly aid the body in specific ways.
Potassium Citrate

Essential mineral substance for blood pressure, muscles and nerves.

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SPORT Creatine NEW

Creatine monohydrate in vegan capsules without additives.

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3-phase product:
– Cell-Protect
– Performance
– Basic

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Magnesium - Tri-magnesium dicitrate

Highly concentrated anhydrous magnesium citrate - Tri-magnesium dicitrate – in a particularly bioavailable quality.

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Sport - performance

Original formula by Dr. Michalzik M.D., special formulation with arginine, BCAA, L-carnitine, taurine,creatine

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Super Vitamin D3

Original VDR formula by Dr. Alexander Michalzik M.D. Vitamin D acts on the vitamin D receptor. This special formula contains 2,000 IU vegan vitamin D3 combined with other selected ingredients.

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Vegan Vitamin D3

Vitamin D 3 is an essential sun vitamin in vegetarian form. It contributes to normal potassium levels in the blood and helps to maintain normal bones and muscle functions.

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