Side effects of an increased radical load and a multifactorial inflammatory process in the body, however, are also to be considered. Nature offers potent radical scavengers and anti-inflammatory agents.
Cholesterol Level Regulator

High-quality formula with sodium-R-alpha-lipoic acid, lycopene, green tea extract, monakolin K, vitamin E, vitamin B3 and beta glucan. This formula helps maintain a normal cholesterol level.

34,95 € 90 Capsules
(€ 61,42/100g; € 0,39/Capsule)
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Cholesterol Level Regulator with Policosanol

Improved formula with additional high-quality policosanol and natural sodium-R-alpha-lipoic acid.

44,95 € 90 Capsules
(€ 77,77/100g; € 0,50/Capsule)
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