OPC Premium

450 mg of OPC Premium Grape Seed Extract per capsule by Dr. Michalzik, M.D. with at least 240 mg of pure OPC*

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Pharmazentralnummer: 16025522
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What is authentic OPC? Dr. Alexander Michalzik and Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Denzel in conversation

Dr rer. Nat. Klaus Denzel explains the different measuring methods for the content of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) in food supplements. Polyphenol content is not the same as the OPC content. Also, monomeric or polymeric proanthocyanidins should not be included in OPCs.

You will obtain 432 mg equivalent to 432,000 mcg of OPC per Euro (which is 240,000 mcg per capsule). Please compare this value. Our OPC does not include monomers. There are vendors claiming to supply "the world's highest purity per capsule: such as 60.000 mcg". But this actually means only 60 mg per capsule. "Nativ-OPC premium by Dr. med. Michalzik" is a certified OPC product. Our proven high content of pure OPC in the grape seed extract guarantees the customer that the name OPC truly stands for OPC.

OPC Premium by Dr. med. Michalzik is made from French grapes. You will obtain 432 mg OPC per Euro. Please compare this extraordinary value. Our OPC does not include monomers. Nativ-OPC Premium by Dr. med. Michalzik is a certified OPC product. Our proven high content of pure OPC in the grape seed extract guarantees the customer that the name OPC truly stands for OPC.

Here we quote the slogan of some other vendors
"OPC 95 - the strongest antioxidant in the world, most likeley the best OPC in the world""unbeatable value for your money". Now, let’s look at this in more detail: Other providers label their product as OPC 95. This term is also used by raw material suppliers who promise 95% OPC, but when questioned about the tested OPC content, it is found they usually tested the polyphenols. It should be clarified that these are two very different claims! Likewise, e.g "105 mg of OPC per capsule"is declared. At 95 % OPC, this would amount to 110.5 mg grape seed extract per capsule. The OPC content has not been verified with an analysis certificate. A provider from Switzerland labeled his product as 300 mg of OPC, but after analysis of the product only 5 mg were found. It is not know where the grapes came from. Often grape seeds that have been cultivated in China are used, leading to extremely low prices. In comparison, Biotikon offers 450 mg grape seed extract per capsule, increasing the quantity by four times. The OPC content (240 mg) is based on an analysis. The analysis is published. The grape seeds come from France which provides the highest quality of grapes.
Conclusion: By taking a closer look at the cheaper product, you may find that it might not have a better price performance ratio (performance to cost ratio).

OPC 300 mg: the advertising made by competitors promises 300 mg of grape seed extract content, meaning that the OPC content would have to be 100 %. Here the grape seed extract and OPC content are claimed to be equivalent.

The term OPC 95 %:  OPC 95 is used by many manufacturers to describe their OPC quality, but actually it usually indicates a lower OPC quality. Often this does not refer to the OPC content, but to the analysis value according to "Bate Smith", stating the ratio value which is not applicable to measure the exact amount of OPC. Otherwise he refers to the polyphenol content. The term OPC 95 % does not mean that 95 % of OPC is contained. When buying OPC, ask for the original certificate of analysis (CoA) from an independent German Analysis Institute which identifies the OPC content.

OPC 400 mg, 450 mg, 500 mg: Again, you should make sure that these statements do not refer to the capsule weight, but to the actual OPC content.

OPC Analysis, OPC Verification

OPC is a worldwide recognised substance, but few mastere the difficult subject of OPC analysis. The OPC analysis certificate should always identify the OPC. It is important that the OPC content is measured directly by analysis in the grape seed extract. We also recommend to confirm the OPC content through a German certificate of analysis from a German laboratory. It is also important that the residence of the OPC provider is in Germany, as in other countries sometimes verifications are not required.

For questions, please directly call Dr. Alexander Michalzik and Team: +49 (0)6201-878380. We are happy to assist you.

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans!

Quality Features

of OPC Premium by Dr. Michalzik
  • 240 mg OPC by Dr. Michalzik, measured directly in the special grape seed extract. (According to RP-HPLC Method, test specification PV.03.P194_02.) OPC are proanthocyanidins. Monomeric proanthocyanidins are not added into the OPC capsule content. Test specifications are available at www.opc-grapeseedextract.de
  • 450 mg of special grape seed extract per capsule
   ORAC Value
  • ORAC units of the current batch over 14000 mikromolTE per capsule (hydrophilic and lipophilic). Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) is a safe measuring method of measuring ORAC scores, or the antioxidant capacities in biological samples in vitro. It shows the ability of a substance to absorb free radicals.
    ORAC OPC analysis: more than 6,000 ORAC units per capsule The total ORAC value (lipophilic and hydrophilic measured value) was quoted with 32 092,6 Mikromol TE per gramm for the current grape seed extract batch by the renowned "Laboratory of Professor Kurz". Nativ-OPC is made from French grape seeds. OPC Total ORAC value (click here and view ORAC OPC analysis)
    Currently no scientifically known evidence exists about the ORAC value's impact on physiological processes in the human body and its health. However, the ORAC value is an important characteristic of the used grape seed extract and the raw material for the capsule preparation. If the grape seed extracts are exposed to air or higher temperatures for a longer period of time then the ORAC value is lower because the OPC can already partially oxidise.
  • French grape seeds
  • 380 mg of total polyphenols per capsule from 450 mg grape seed extract
  • Processing and product inspection in Germany
  • Guarenteed no additives in the capsule filling
  • No magnesium stearate, this metal soap originates from the construction industry and is used by many manufacturers.
  • Certified goods with German OPC analysis certificate for your safety.
  • RP-HPLC OPC analysis method for reliable OPC ingredient specifications. The RP-HPLC method, reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography is a very valid OPC analysis method.
  • OPC is the abbreviation for oligomeric procyanidins. OPC Premium by Dr. Michalzik, does not add monomeric procyandins into the analysis result.
  • Analysis of the used special grape seed extracts: RP-HPLC_OPC_Analysis Certificate (Test Specifications PV.03.P194_02 (click here)
    Test specifications are available at www.opc grape seed extract.de Nativ-OPC Premium tested with RP-HPLC method.

Nature & Purity

 Made in Germany.

OPC Premium by Dr. Michalzik is subject to strict examinations of German supervisory authorities. It is manufactured by use of gentle production technologies without heat or additives in the capsule filling and without the use of processing agents which are not required to be mentioned on the packaging.
No industrially produced silicic acid (silicon dioxide) flow aid.
Biotikon does not use silicon dioxide or silicic acid (SiO2, known as E551) as a flow aid. The foundation for product testing "Stiftung Warentest" states that those may contain nanoparticles. Silicic acid or silicon dioxide in dietary supplements has been discouraged. Bio Suisse has terminated approval of silica or silicon dioxide. Silica from horsetail is not to be confused with this industrially produced silica.
No Aluminum Contained
A large number of nutritional supplement providers use aluminum as a sealant for cans. During the sealing process an aluminum foil is strongly heated by a high frequency electromagnetic field. We deliberately do not use this method!
Without talcum!
The release agent and lubricant talcum which is used for manufacturing of tablets or capsules can contain asbestos fibers. Biotikon completely dispenses with the use of release agents and lubricants in their capsule production.
Fresh Products!
From the date of sale all of our products have a long lasting shelf life. This is possible because we process in house.
Food Safety HACCP
Biotikon products are manufactured in accordance with legal requirements and in compliance with the HACCP concept in order to ensure food safety.
Please note: With each purchase, you are also automatically supporting chosen social projects. Further information can be found in our blog under Social Engagement .

OPC is contained in: OPC Wirkung
Gehirn und geistige Leistung Brain & Mental Performance
Augen Rezeptur Eye Formula
Herzforte 1 I Heart Forte I
Blutdruck Regulat Blood Pressure Regulator
Gelenk-Rezeptur II Joint Formula II
Arterien Blutgefäß Support Arterial & Blood Vessel Support
Sport Concept cell protect Sport - cell protect
Mitochondrium forte/Pro Mitochondrium forte / forte PRO

Checklist for OPC Purchase

When buying OPC products the following criteria should be taken into consideration:

  • The grape seed extract is not the same as OPC and should not be specified as such. The manufacturer should differentia this fact.
  • Procyanidins may be present in the monomeric form, but these are not OPCs.
  • The OPC specifications should be authenticated with a German Certificate of Analysis.
  • Product has been processed in Germany.
  • The grape seeds should originate in Western Europe if possible. Our grape seeds come from France.
  • Capsule filling should not contain additives.
  • Short delivery time, thus preserving the quality of product.
  • OPC capsule material from vegetable-based raw material (cellulose).
  • The use of appropriate analytical methods.

For ordering and information please call us at this phone number: +49 (0)6201-878380

Below you will find several sample analyses of grape seed extracts used for our OPC products. We will gladly mail this information to you. The values measured with the RP-HPLC method, are the basis for specifying the OPC content of our verified extract. The Vanillin method, Butanol method (Procyanidin assay), and Porter-Bate-Smith method were carried out from previous grape seed batches to obtain additional information, but are not the basis for our OPC specification. RP-HPLC_OPC_Analysis Certificate (click here)

The values of Porter Bate-Smith and DMAC are from our raw materials of the last batch. The currently used raw material batch for our OPC products was tested with the RP-HPLC method. OPC_Porter_Bate-Smith (click here to view OPC analysis by Porter-Bate-Smith)
The values of Porter Bate-Smith, Pharmacopeia method, Vanillin and Procyanidin assay (Butanol method) are from our raw materials of the last batch. The currently used raw material batch for our OPC products was tested with RP-HPLC method and DMAC. (see above) Certificate of Analysis by Vanillin method, Procyanidin assay (Butanol Method) and the Pharmacopoeia metho (EP6.0 1220) (click here)

OPC Premium by Dr. med. Michalzik also contains Vitamin C, which contributes:
  • to normal collagen formation for the healthy functioning of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, teeth and skin
  • to a normal function of the nervous system and the psyche
  • to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • to reducing fatigue and exhaustion
  • to a normal energy metabolism
  • to a normal function of the immune system

Free of sugar
Free of lactose
Free of Gluten
Free of gelatin
Not irradiated
Free of magenseium stearate

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Ingredients per Daily Recommendation,
1 - 2 capsules:
  • 450 (900) mg of grape seed extract (OPC Special Grape Seed extract by Dr. Michalzik)
    240 (480) mg pure, genuine OPC
    OPCs are proanthocyanidins without the monomeric proanthocyanidins. Measured with RP-HPLC-method, test specification PV.03.P194_2. View test specification under www.opc-grape seed extract.de. Validation by mass spectrometry (MS) and diode-array detection (DAD).

  • 50 (100) mg pure vitamin C**

** Corresponds to 62,5 (125) % of the National Reference Value (NRV) for a daily intake in accordance with the Food Information Regulation (LMIV).

450 (900) mg of grape seed extract contains 240 (480) mg of OPC measured directly in the extract for better precision. (Test specification PV.03.P194_2. OPCs are proanthocyanidins without the monomeric proanthocyanidins. Validation by MS and DAD (see above).

Unlike many other OPC products, only 1 capsule per day is sufficient due to the exceptionally high OPC content of our product.

Active Substances:
  • Polyphenols (see chart), 95 %
  • OPC content measured in the grape seed extract, 240 (480) mg (test specification RP-HPLC PV.03.P194_2, view under www. Opc-grape seed extract.de. )OPCs are proanthocyanidins without monomeric PAC proanthocyanidins). Validation by MS and DAD.
  • Additional polyphenols 140 mg, such as catechins, epicatechin, quercetin, etc.
Ingredients: Extract from grape seeds (OPC special extract), pure Vitamin C, capsule material made from pure vegetable cellulose: hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose Hydroxy-Propyl-Methyl-Cellulose
OPC and Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract may contain many substances. First of all, the polyphenols (phytochemicals) are important. Simple grape seed flour, which is not an extract, thus is not comparable and partially contains only 2 - 3 % polyphenols.
OPC extracts are up to 40-fold concentrated. A subgroup of the polyphenols are proanthocyanidins (procyanidins, PAC). These contain oligomeric procyanidins (proanthocyanidins) and monomeric procyanidins Unfortunately science does not clearly define the demarcation of oligomeric and polymeric proanthocyanidins.

OPC-Concentration Process

The"polymeric proanthocyanidins" shown in the diagram describe macroscopic molecular structures.

Purest Quality from Biotikon®

Pure substances without additives or fillers in the capsule filling
Gluten-free, lactose-free and gelatine-free
Information about residue control: please contact us
Packaging made of HDPE, no plasticisers
Without animal testing
We deliver fresh products
Daily Dosage:
1-2 capsules after meal.

Package Contents:
72 Nativ-OPC 240 premium-capsules, each capsule contains 450 mg grape seed extract.

Storage: Keep cool & dry, protect from light exposure.

Important Note: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements are not intended to be a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should consult with a doctor before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.
Additional Information: All our OPC products contain high-quality grape seed extracts. The essential difference lies in the OPC content of a product. The higher the OPC content, the costlier is the production. OPC is a so-called radical scavenger. "Free radicals " which are also called "reactive oxygen species" can trigger oxidations inside the cell.

The list just below lets you examine the different OPC representatives, which are present in all OPC products of Biotikon®. These compounds are determined by analysis. Das Procyanidine B8 is a dimeric oligomeric OPC

OPC-products from Biotikon® compared

Article details

29,90 €

300 mg of OPC Premium Grape Seed Extract per capsule by Dr. Michalzik, M.D. with at least 160 mg of pure OPC*

72 Capsules

Article details

32,90 €

300 mg of OPC Premium Grape Seed Extract per capsule by Dr. Michalzik and Camu Camu extract with at least 160 mg of pure OPC*

72 Capsules

OPC Premium
Article details

39,90 €

450 mg of OPC Premium Grape Seed Extract per capsule by Dr. Michalzik, M.D. with at least 240 mg of pure OPC*

72 Capsules

OPC Premium Plus
Article details

42,90 €

450 mg of OPC Premium Grape Seed Extract per capsule by Dr. Michalzik, M.D. with Camu Camu extract and at least 240 mg of pure OPC*

72 Capsules

OPC Premium Piperine PRO
Article details

47,90 €

450 mg of OPC premium grape seed extract per capsule by Dr. Michalzik, containing Piperine and phosphatidylcholine with at least 240 mg of pure OPC*

72 Capsules

OPC from Organic Grapes
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59,90 €

- currently not available

60 Capsules

OPC GOLD from Organic Grapes
Article details

99,90 €

- currently not available

60 Capsules

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