Vitamin K2

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Vitamin K2- MK-7

Menaquinone 7 (vitamin K2) helps maintain healthy bones and normal blood clotting. > 99 % all-trans menaquinone, 100 micrograms of MK-7 are contained per capsule. MK-7 is also contained in our product Arterial and Blood Vessel Support.

35,95 € 60 Capsules
( 161,21 €/100g ;  0,60 €/Capsule )
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Osteo PRO stable

Synergistically matched formula with curcuma, MSM, Mumijo, vitamin K2 and D3, embedded in valuable phospholipids. Sango coral with magnesium and calcium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

44,95 € 120 Capsules
( 62,74 €/100g ;  0,37 €/Capsule )
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Vegan Safe Essentials

Harmonised vitamin and mineral composition with plant iron, especially for the vegan

39,95 € 90 Capsules
( 118,58 €/100g ;  0,44 €/Capsule )
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Arterial and Blood Vessel Support

Ingredients: Resveratrol, OPC, MK-7, Q10, hydroxytyrosol, nattokinase and vitamin C, which contribute to normal collagen formation for the healty function of blood vessels. The B vitamins are present in bioactive form.

49,95 € 120 Capsules
( 59,99 €/100g ;  0,42 €/Capsule )
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