Tagetes patula

Products with the ingredient Tagetes patula

Lutein forte

25 mg of pure lutein per capsule

19,95 € 60 Capsules
(€ 62,74/100g; € 0,33/Capsule)
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Eye Formula

Original formula by Dr. Michalzik, M.D. with lutein, zeaxantin, blueberry extract (anthocyanin), OPC and vitamin A, which contribute to mainting of good vision.

49,90 € 90 Capsules
(€ 99,17/100g; € 0,55/Capsule)
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Zeaxanthin forte

10 mg of high quality zeaxanthin and 25 mg of pure lutein, also contained in our product

34,70 € 60 Capsules
(€ 107,10/100g; € 0,58/Capsule)
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