scientific name: p-Hydroxyphenethyl-β-D-Glucoside

Products with the ingredient Salidroside

Rhodiola rosea

Also named golden root, with 15 mg rosavins per capsule

24,95 € 60 Capsules
(€ 65,49/100g; € 0,42/Capsule)
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Immune Booster Therapy Programme NEW

2x ImmunePLUS forte with quercetin and Rhodiola rosea, especially for the current situation at a discounted price. Formula contains selenium, zinc, vitamins C and D which contributes to the normal functioning of a healthy immune system.

Promotion price: 109,90 €
124,80 € 240 Capsules
(€ 81,41/100g; € 0,46/Capsule)
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Immun-Booster Kurprogramm + Resveratrol NEW

2x ImmunPLUS forte mit Quercetin, Rhodiola rosea und Resveratrol 125 PRO, speziell für die jetzige Situation, zum Vorteilspreis. Mit Selen, Zink, den Vitaminen C und D, welche zur Förderung der normalen Funktion eines gesunden Immunsystems beitragen.

Promotion price: 134,90 €
159,75 € 310 Capsules
(€ 75,79/100g; € 0,44/Capsule)
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Brain & Mental Performance Formula

With Ashwaganda, Rhodiola rosea, OPC, curcuma, rosemary extract and pantothenic acid, which contribute to normal mental performance and are involved in the synthesis and metabolism of several neurotransmitters. Bioactive B vitamins.

39,95 € 60 Capsules
(€ 98,28/100g; € 0,67/Capsule)
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Mitochondrium forte PRO

This is basically the same product as Mitochondrium Forte, additionally contains Piperine and now also bioactive folic acid and sodium-R-lipoate

67,90 € 120 Capsules
(€ 103,59/100g; € 0,57/Capsule)
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Mitochondrium forte

Special formula with Q10, acetyl-L-Carntine, NADH, Rhodiola rosea, phosphatidylserine, glutathion, Cordyceps and copper, which contributes to normal metabolism for energy (in the form of ATP in the cell respiratory chain).

59,70 € 120 Capsules
(€ 91,92/100g; € 0,50/Capsule)
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Mitochondrium forte PRO + PQQ - Bundle

Mitochondrium forte PRO also containing PQQ, bundled

109,70 € 150 Capsules
(€ 139,83/100g; € 0,73/Capsule)
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Psyche stable

With valuable Ashwaganda, Rhodiola rosea, Phosphatidylserine, SAMe, Omega 3, and Vitamin B12, which contribute to normal functioning of the psyche.

57,30 € 60 Capsules
(€ 146,77/100g; € 0,96/Capsule)
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Stress Resistance

Original formula with valuable Ashwaganda, Rhodiola rosea, Ceaser’s mushroom extract, Reishi, and pantothenic acid, which contributes to healthy mental performance and supports the oxidative stress resistance.

44,95 € 90 Capsules
(€ 88,22/100g; € 0,50/Capsule)
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