Products with the ingredient Adenosylcobalamin

Recoupler® NEW

First of its kind, in high-quality violet glass

59,90 €
(€ 119,28/100g)
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Vitamin B Complex

Contains important B vitamins: B2 (1,000%) B6 (1,000%), B12 (5,000%), folic acid (B9) (400%), and all other B vitamins in a high-quality biologically active form. Also contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalmin.

34,95 € 60 Capsules
(€ 89,64/100g; € 0,58/Capsule)
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Vegan Safe Essentials NEW

Harmonised vitamin and mineral composition with plant iron, especially for the vegan

39,95 € 90 Capsules
(€ 118,58/100g; € 0,44/Capsule)
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