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Biotikon’s knowledgeable and qualified staff is oriented toward healing in a natural manner. Many years of naturopathic experience and therapy are the origin of our company. The supply of high quality active plant substances for personal use was and still is a true need. Large numbers of people profit from the resulting possibilities.


Biotikon is accountable for the development and production of high quality nutraceutical products; the purest substances in their natural composition without the use of any fillers or additives.

Biotikon’s Objectives

Are the conservation and restructuring of biological and socio-cultural systems through an environmentally sustainable production and the financial independence of the raw material producers.

Our Company - Biotikon
Located in the nature reserve Odenwald
Home and place of our inspirations
Healing Methods and Knowledge of Healing Plants
of Native Peoples

Biotikon strives to make the numerous healing systems of different cultures with their wealth of knowledge and experience available to modern man. These systems are characterized by a holistic approach to therapy. Examples are the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Ayurvedic healing system of India, and healing methods of the North-, Central- and South -American Indians.

The production of raw materials takes place in accordance with the ecological balance and the preservation of natural resources. Ecosystems should be preserved and restructured.


The development of cooperative collaboration with third world countries to stabilize the local economic and social structures should be ensured. The economic sensory perception of a specific geographic area within the frame of a strict ecological context protects against biological and economic exploitation. The indigenous population should be able to satisfy their economic needs in the sense of "fair trade." The knowledge and experience which was acquired through the help of the indigenous people should lead to economic participation and identity preservation and for that very reason protect them from the exploitation of their wisdom.

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About Alexander Michalzik, M.D.

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with nature,

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In recent years, all of us have witnessed the great advances in technology and chemistry, but still, nature remains one of our greatest teachers.

Indigenous peoples lived for thousands of years in harmony with nature and her laws. They are perfect observers, amazing even the best scientists over and over again. Let us learn from the ancient natural legacies and help each other and our environment by using their experience of the plant kingdom.

Foto Dr. med. Michalzik


Biography of Dr. Alexander Michalzik: Founder of Biotikon, director of naturopathic practice for "Integrative Homeopathy,” and a member of IEPG (Institute for Medical Ethics, Principles and Methods of Psychotherapy and Health Culture) (http://www.institut-iepg.de).

Dr. Michalzik stayed frequently with indigenous peoples, in particular with the tribes and shamans of the indigenous peoples of America. He is an authority of the herbal and natural traditions of indigenous peoples. For over 40 years the study of natural medicine has been his most important field of activity.

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The Biotikon team consists of medical physicians, natural health professionals, biologists and sports scientists. Commercial considerations are thus not the foundation of our company. Our objectives reflect highest quality demands.

Product developments arise from the need of our customers, friends and our own families in order to provide them with high quality food supplements.

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